International company, Fleetmatics, utilizes all phases of our video production services

With an important operations conference bringing together their top employees from all their different branches around the globe on the horizon GPS fleet tracking company, Fleetmatics, had great ideas for some videos they wanted to show at their conference. They were not exactly sure how to translate those ideas into a real tangible video and called upon us to help.

Initially, we were brought in to discuss with them the post production process of editing and creating a video with some footage that they were going to shoot. After our initial consultation we both realized the need for the production process to be handled by Bullseye as well.

That is what we did, organizing and executing shoots at two of Fleetmatic’s main locations in Boston, MA and Solon, OH. We shot employee testimonials and footage of their entire operation at each location. The goal is to create an employee driven video with a focus on giving the people who make the company tick a voice. Providing them an opportunity to express their ideas and thoughts about the company. This has been a fun process and we have really enjoyed working with Fleetmatics.

We have been called upon to cover the conference as well. We will be shooting the speeches and capturing all the fun that will be had by everyone attending the conference. Check back later this month to view the sizzle reel we will be producing, highlighting Fleetmatic’s 2014 Operations conference.

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