Ohio SBDC – An excellent small business resource

Ohio SBDC is a great resource every small business owner in Ohio should take advantage of.

If you are a small business owner in Ohio and you have not checked out Ohio Small Business Deveopment Centers yet then you are missing out on a valuable FREE resource. The Ohio SBDC can help you grow your small business. According to their website, there are 39 funded SBDC’s throughout Ohio. The organization has highly trained, Certified Business Advisors on staff.  Ohio SBDC offers offer one-on-one training and FREE business classes open to anyone.

I had previously tweeted about Ohio SBDC back in July when I first found out about them. I initially signed up for a profile on on Ohio SBDC’s website, sbdccolumbus.com. I did find some of the blog posts and articles on their website to be very useful and informative. I however, did not take full advantage of what they had to offer and simply regret not taking action sooner.

The simplest thing you can do is sign up and attend one of the free classes that Ohio SBDC offers. They are open to anyone and they are FREE. Free knowledge, free information and best of all, free networking. Access to Capital, Accounting/Budget/Inventory Setup, Business Planning, Franchising and Tax Planning are just a few of the classes that Ohio SBDC offers. Find your local chapter, pick a class that interests you, register and attend. It is that simple, and I bet you will not regret it.

I signed up for the Value Based Selling class and recently completed the course. I gained valuable insight into marketing and sales. I really benefited from some of the concepts and ideas that were discussed.

The best part about the class was the other people in attendance. They were like-minded individuals who had something valuable to offer themselves. The class was an open discussion. Everybody shared what they did and talked about their experiences running a small business. I learned a lot by just listening to the other business owners in attendance.

I have had one person from the class reach out to me already. They are very interested in using my video production services to help create a video for their business. I have also formed a relationship with a person who operates a business similar to mine. We have been in discussions about how we can work together and mutually benefit each others companies. Networking is a beautiful thing. You just have to be willing to put yourself out there and attend some classes with the Ohio SBDC organization. The more people that actually attend these courses the better they will be for everyone.

I encourage anyone reading this post to check out the Ohio SBDC. Find your local Ohio SBDC chapter to take advantage of the free resources they have to offer!

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