Post-Production Services on display in recent Stark Enterprise project

Stark Enterprises once again called upon us to help them produce an eye catching, high quality, client driven video for their upcoming, International Council of Shopping Centers, conference. The ICSC conference is a very important conference for Stark Enterprises every year as they look to attract new customers with their four, forty two inch monitor booth display.

The goal of this project was to create a 7 minute looping video highlighting Stark Enterprises’s past accomplishments and current projects. They wanted an interactive visual story that would entice people walking by the booth to stop and learn more about Stark Enterprise’s services.

We put our post-production skills to the test and delivered on the vision they had. Utilizing our motion graphic and video editing skills we created a video that told the visual story they were looking for. The project was a lot of work but very rewarding as Stark Enterprises will proudly be displaying the video at their booth and in the main lobby of their headquarters in Downtown Cleveland, OH.

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