Producing successful videos – 3 major factors to examine

Examine these three factors and learn about what you need to think about so you are producing successful videos.

Want to be leading the way at producing successful videos for your company? Price, Quality and Turnaround are the three factors you need to think about when planning your next video project. I will examine what they mean and how they affect each other. Once you understand these three terms, you will be on your way to producing successful videos in no time.

(1) Price 

Think of price in terms of the budget that you have to spend on making your next video. Consider the example below:

  • You are looking to create a 20 minute long documentary featuring multiple interviews in multiple locations. You want detailed motion graphics listing facts and figures to be displayed on the screen throughout the video. You also want to supplement the interviews being shot with aerial drone shots of your subject matter.

That type of production would be really fun to work on but it would be a lot of hard work and long hours. On a high quality project like the one explained above you will have to be willing to spend more to get this done. Price directly affects quality. If you want outstanding quality that you see on the major networks and in feature films then you are going to have to expand your marketing budget.

(2) Turnaround

Think of turnaround in terms of the schedule. More importantly, think of the turnaround time as the time that you allow the media company that you hire to work on your video. Think about the deadline date that you need your video delivered by. All that time before your deadline date is the turnaround time that we have to plan, shoot and edit your video. Consider this:

  • You have an unlimited marketing budget and you want to spend one million dollars creating the absolute greatest video on earth. You reach out to your go to production company and tell them the good news. The production company will naturally be excited about the prospects of working on a one million dollar project. They ask you when you need the video done by. You say you need the video in a month. Now the production company may not be as excited to work with you. They know a month is not long enough to plan and execute a one million dollar project or any video project for that matter.

No matter how big your budget is you need to allow ample time for the production company to create your video. Think about any type of feature film. Those types of projects with million dollar budgets are sometimes in the planning stage for years. That’s just the first part of the process.

Always be thinking about your timetable and the turnaround time that is needed to create a video. If you are planning a video and not sure how much time the production end is going to take, always follow this rule of thumb: the more time you can allow the production company to work with you on your video, the better.

(3) Quality 

I saved quality for last because the quality of your video is dependent on both the price and turnaround time given for your video. Quality is the production value, the look that you want your video to have. Quality is important to us here at Bullseye and we always strive to provide the best possible quality on your video regardless of the timetable or price.  But, we may not be able to provide the quality you would like because we need to meet the demands of a short turn around time and a small budget.

If quality is important to you, which I am sure it is, then consider the turnaround time you will need to create your video. Even smaller budget projects still take time to be good.

Once you consider the price, turnaround and quality relationship then you will have a good grasp on what is important when planning to create you next successful video. You will be ready to tackle the pre-production process. Read this post about the five things to know before starting a video project that explains the pre-production process in more detail.

We would be happy to talk more about these concepts with you and help you plan your next video. Feel free to contact us at any time for a free consultation.

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