Lighting up Dominos Pizza

When Matte Finish Video Productions needs good lighting to make their videos look amazing they call upon us here at Bullseye Media. Our foundation is lighting. We built our company around lighting and we understand what it takes to light a good scene and a good interview. We were very excited and happy to bring that knowledge to the set and provide the lighting for this project shot at Domino’s Pizza Headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Otherwise known as the World Resource Center, (WRC).

We were very fortunate to be a part of this two day production and work with such an amazing crew. This was a big shoot with multiple crews and we brought along our entire grip truck to make sure the lighting needs were covered. Crew A shot more run-and-gun interviews and b-roll, while Crew B shot more stylized interviews with employees at the WRC. We split up all of our Arri 5-Point Fresnel Kits, C-Stands, Flags, Reflectors, and all other grip gear among both crews equally. The problem that we did not want to run into was for something to break while we were on set because both crews were a good distance away from each other. If something went wrong with any of the equipment, the production would not have gone as smoothly as it did. However, like usual our equipment was solid as we always make sure to purchase the best quality gear on B&H Photo Video. We purchase a lot of our equipment from B&H and we recommend B&H Photo Video to everyone we talk to.

Crew A focused on shooting on location at a local Domino’s Pizza store and a Domino’s warehouse, capturing the daily activities of a Domino’s employee, telling their story with On-The-Fly (OTF) interviews. Our crew knows that great lighting is always important, but when there is little set up time it is more important to get the best looking shot and stay on schedule. It was hard work adding lighting for all the b-roll and doing around 10 OTF’s each day, but the Director and the Domino’s representatives were always happy with the way the shot looked. That is the most important part of our jobs.

Crew B was at the WRC for two days shooting interviews within the Headquarters. The main focus of the videos were to promote and inform viewers interested in a career with Domino’s Pizza about the different opportunities Domino’s gives their employees. One of the videos focused on the People’s Pipeline Program that is offered to Domino’s employees. We interviewed some very talented and skilled young adults that have gone through the program and are now working at high levels within the Domino’s organization. The highlight of the second production day was meeting and interviewing CEO, Patrick Doyle.

Take a look at a couple of the photos from Domino’s that Ryan took when he had some free time, which is a rare occasion on set. And remember, next time you need a hard-working and dedicated crew, just fill out our contact form and choose “Crewing” to get a free quote on your next production.

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